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Download the new song from The Jay Sekulow Band

Click below to download your exclusive copy of “Where I Stand” by the Jay Sekulow Band, a tribute to the persecuted Christians of Iraq.

Click here to download "Where I stand"



Where I Stand

Performed by The Jay Sekulow Band

Written by Jay Sekulow, Mark Lee Townsend, John Elefante, John Schlitt, Marco Pangallo

Drums: Jay Sekulow

Lead Vocals: John Schlitt, John Elefante

Background Vocals: John Schlitt, John Elefante, Mark Lee Townsend

Guitars: Mark Lee Townsend, Marco Pangallo

Bass: Scott Kirkman

Keys: Dr. Steve Guthrie

Special Guest

Cello: Greg Bailey

Recorded and Produced by Mark Lee Townsend
Mixed by JR McNeely
Mastered by Mat5t@Midwest Audio Mastering
Executive Producer-Jay Sekulow